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Research Partnerships

Partnerships for community embedded research are an important part of local action for the SDGs.

Through our community embedded project model, SDG Cities will highlight ongoing SDG research in Guelph, London and beyond. This work will bring forward innovative research across different domains and build capacity and partnerships for new research. SDG Cities will also leverage and support the community by tapping into existing research and local expertise to further support and embed localization of the SDGs in Guelph and London.

1. Contributions to Sustainable Cities and Communities

Working with students from the Lang School of Business and Economics. Students explored how 10C could contribute to SDG11 presenting new and innovative ways to use the community places at 42 Carden St. (10C’s main location) and the Guelph Farmers Market. Students conducted interviews with 10C staff and key community stakeholders. Ideas were presented to staff and stakeholders virtually. Project engaged 12 masters level students in the School of Management

2. The impact of climate change on social purpose organizations

December 2022 to April 2023

Climate change and other environmental issues are likely to have a significant negative impact on social purpose nonprofits: either by increasing the demand on their services or due to the scarcity/cost of resources needed to deliver their missions. This project will employ the SDGs to explore several aspects of the intersectionality between climate change impacts and social issues. This research will explore:

  • In an urban context, how do climate change issues intersect with other social issues? i.e. what are the most prominent points of intersection?
  • What the most likely impacts social purpose organizations will feel from climate change?
  • How might social purpose organizations take climate action within the scope of their work?

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3. London Community Recovery Framework and the SDGs

October 2022 to April 2023

Through the Community Engaged Learning program at Western University, SDG Cities and students from the Public Health program at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry will examine the London Community Recovery Framework (LCRF) using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This research project will be mapping the impact of the 23 areas of the LCRF on each SDG to identify opportunities to improve the framework and its indicators by leveraging the interdependencies among the 23 areas. The LCRF is a plan outlining how the City of London can recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the project’s website to learn more and get updates.

4. Vision Zero Hamilton Road

November 2022 to March 2024

In collaboration with the Crouch Resource Neighbourhood Centre and informed by the work on Transportation Poverty by Mobilizing Justice, this research project collected relevant information about mobility needs and realities in the Hamilton Road neighbourhood and developed a business case for community improvement using the SDGs as a holistic framework considering the intersection of urban mobility, public spaces, local economic development, climate change, belonging, public health and poverty.

This research partnership had several significant outcomes:

  • A town hall event
  • The inclusion of mobility poverty in three areas of the City of London Strategic Plan 2023-2027
  • Mobility Equity Workshops for knowledge sharing
  • An urban Mobility Book sharing qualitative and quantitative findings

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5. Community Food Assessment in London Region

July 2022 to June 2023

This project was led by the Middlesex London Food Policy Council. The main goal was to update the current Community Food Assessment, host community discussions and consultations, review best practices and explore a framework for a regional agri-food network. The SDGs were used throughout the research project to provide a holistic perspective and SDG Cities provided guidance on how to integrate the SDGs in data collection, analysis and reporting.

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6. Guelph-Wellington Food Charter

September 2022 to April 2023

Working with the Arrell Food Institute at the University of Guelph and Our Food Future (City of Guelph). This research project is a collaborative effort between SDG Cities and Our Food Future – emerging from participation in the spring 2022 Academy. Our Food Future is leading a community engaged process to update the language of the Guelph-Wellington Food Charter. Student researchers will support work to collect community feedback on the updated charter and explore how the charter can and will align to the SDGs. SDG Cities is providing general support and help frame key research questions around the role of the SDGs in the development of local food policy in Guelph-Wellington.