SDG Cities Card Games

Have you been wanting to learn more about the SDGs and how they are all connected? How about doing that in a playful way with friends and colleagues.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be a complex framework to explain. That is why we designed the SDG Card Games. A simple, easy and fun way to introduce the SDGs to your students or team and have a meaningful conversation about them.

The card set can be used as an educational or a planning  tool. Discover each one of the goals, explore some of their sub-themes and how well Canada is doing for each one of the 17 goals.

The card set has a simple open design making it accessible to beginners while at the same time allowing for flexibility in how it can be used in more elaborate ways. In this resource you find the list of 72 cards and four different ways to use them. After trying some of the options here, we encourage you to think of new ways to play that might suit your needs better.