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Community Learning Series

The Community Learning Series offers engaged learning and local capacity building for the SDGs.

Community Learning Series events connect local needs, expertise and curiosity. These events are both virtual and place-based and are designed to help support local action on the SDGs and grow the networks of engaged changemakers in London and Guelph. Join us to learn more about SDG localization in your community, connect with others and get inspired!  

We continue to develop topic ideas for the Community Learning Series events, contact us with any questions or topics you would like to explore.

Community Learning Series #6: Voices from Youth: Climate Action for Sustainable Development Goal 13

With impacts of climate change intensifying, young people are becoming increasingly aware of the challenges and risks posed by the climate crises as well as the opportunities to take action.

On May 16th, 2023, SDG Cities hosted a virtual event on how young people are taking urgent action to address the climate crisis. Celeste Alcena, a community organizer, facilitator, and multi-disciplinary creative, Shaelyn Wabegijig, one of seven youths from across Canada who are suing the Ontario government for climate inaction, and Horeen Hassan from Wellington Water Watchers shared their unique perspectives and personal stories on tackling the issue of climate change and empowering others to take action. 

Read more about the event or click to watch the recording.

Community Learning Series #5: Social Finance – Why it matters for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

On January 31st, 2023, SDG Cities hosted a virtual lunch and learn on how organizations and businesses are using social finance and impact investing to catalyze systemic change within the financial sector while adapting and transforming their approaches to achieve the SDGs. Guest speakers Jess Barrie and Heather Watt-Kapitain from Harvest Impact, Tim Nash from Good Investing and Filsan Farah from Verge Capital shared insights on aligning their objectives with the SDGs to transform investment opportunities that promote sustainable growth and accelerate positive social impact.

Read more about the event or click to watch the recording.

Community Learning Series #4: The Inner and Sustainable Development Goals

On November 10, 2022, SDG Cities hosted an interactive workshop format to weave the Sustainable Development Goals and the Inner Development Goals, recognizing the importance of building our inner capacity to address the challenges we face in our personal, professional and community lives, shifting how we show up and the impact of our work. Jennifer Chesnut joined us to facilitate the workshop. Read more about the workshop here.

Community Learning Series #3: Arts and the SDGs

On June 7th, 2022 SDG Cities hosted a Community Learning Series to discuss Arts, Culture and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This discussion was prompted by a curiosity about how the arts and arts organizations can contribute to the SDGs  contributing to wellbeing, sustainability and social cohesion in our communities. SDG Cities was joined by Sarah Haanstra, Manager of Toward Common Ground, Jess Agilo Founder, President & CEO of ArtsPond/Étang d’Arts, and Michelle Peek of Founder of Art Not Shame.

Read more about the event or click to watch the recording.

Community Learning Series #2: Doing Business for Good – Case Studies in Sustainability

During a virtual lunch and learn, guests shared stories and strategies for how the principles and values of sustainable development can become a driving force in your small business or social enterprise. Simone Weinstein from The Conscious Kitchen and Aaron Lawrence from London Brewing Co-Operative will share insights about how they are building sustainability into their business models for long term success and meaningful social impact.

We will also share about new funding, training and coaching opportunities available to small businesses through SDG Cities, Harvest Impact and the Circular Opportunity Innovation Launchpad (COIL).

Click to watch the recording

Community Learning Series #1: Making Meaningful Impact with the Nonprofit Sector

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (or the SDGs) includes 17 ambitious goals and 169 measurable targets designed to inspire and support systemic and transformational change globally. Nonprofits and community organizations play a vital role in making progress towards the SDGs. Local and national community foundations will share how they have adopted the SDGs to inform their philanthropy, community wide VitalSigns reporting and direct work with local nonprofits and community organizations.

Guest speakers, Chris Willard, Executive Director of the Guelph Community Foundation, Vanessa Dolishny, Director of Communications at the London Community Foundation, and Alison Sidney, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Community Foundations Canada share insights and guiding thoughts with participants.