The Way Out Is In – Sustainable and Inner Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal framework for developing a peaceful, prosperous and just world on a thriving planet. This means that all people in all sectors can take action to advance the goals, and in turn, working toward these goals will benefit everyone, especially the most vulnerable.

“In the past, changing the self and changing the world were often regarded as separate endeavors and viewed in either-or terms.” ~ Joanna Macy

Even though we have the knowledge and the resources to achieve those goals, in many areas, progress has been slower than necessary. Developing our inner capacity is key to strengthening our individual and collective motivation, our ability to work together and to deal with complex challenges and trauma.

This is an in-person interactive workshop where participants will:

  • Have a quick recap of the SDGs and how they operate as a network of targets
  • Explore the five dimensions of the Inner Development Goals framework and how they can support achieving the SDGs
  • Reflect on the relationship between our inner environment and the natural environment
  • Identify pathways between our inner capacity and external behaviours
  • Nurture a space for connection and empowerment

No fee to attend, however please register using the link that will take to the Pillar website. The true value of this workshop if you were to pay for this yourself would be $45.00. Thank you to the Government of Canada for your support of the workshop.