Support for Local Action on the SDGs in Canada: New 2022 SDG Factsheets

For several years, Community Foundations of  Canada has been supporting local implementation of the SDGs. A Guidebook and Toolkit release in 2020 served as an introduction to CFC’s work on the SDGs, and put work on the SDGs in context for local community foundations and others working in the philanthropic sector. 

This guide provides a menu of options for  community foundations looking to align their work with the SDGs – including integrating Vital Signs reporting and community data, granting, impact investing and communications. CFC also shares strategies and examples from some of the over 20 community foundations from across Canada who have referenced or incorporated the SDGs into their work. 

In 2022, CFC’s work to support and advance the SDGs continues. A new series of fact sheets provide a deep dive into each individual SDG, explore how it relates to Canada’s communities, key terminology, case studies, practical implications for grantmaking, and further resources. 

The fact sheets outline the thematic focus areas for each SDG and highlight issues and possible approaches for the Canadian context that could be relevant to anyone interested in advancing their SDG work. Specifically relevant to grantmakers, the fact sheets include common principles for getting started, key questions to ask yourself and others as well as examples from other community foundations across Canada are advancing the goals.

Explore all the fact sheets: